Hosted VoIP Phone Systems

• We offer plans for small to mid sized businesses.  We have installed phone systems with as little as 4 phones and as many as 250.
• Our phone systems do not increase in costs as you add extensions.  We do not use a "per extension" or "per user" pricing model. Instead, we meet and assess your needs, then offer a few options which are almost always cheaper than a per extension model used by most VoIP companies.  This also allows your costs to be more stable as your business grows.
• Never miss a phone call with cell phone apps that allow you to use your office extension from anywhere. This is also helpful when calling customers as your office number appears on their Caller ID instead of your cell phone number.
• With a hosted system, up front costs are much lower than a traditional on premises system. Furthermore, your phone system stays online even if your Internet or building power is lost.
• Our hosted phone system can later be migrated to an on premises system without losing any programming changes or changing anything for your employees.